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( Dec. 2nd, 2008 10:39 pm)
Alright kids here are my kitten cats:

First up the Queen of Rolly Polly and the Baby Kitty- Torry (Don't tell her I called her that! )

She was the only one of her litter of 12 kittens to survive, we brought her home the day before the neighbors dog came down and killed all the rest of her siblings! She was too small to leave her Mama and we had to feed her with an eyedropper. Our Boo became Daddy Cat when he had to teach her all the really cool cat things like how to clean herself up (urp!) and how to torment the staff. That
would be me and my Roomie.

Next up my beautiful Darling Tamarisk

I got her from the pound her sister was a very timid Calico and was afraid of the world, I was very worried about her until I found out that my teacher at school adopted her the very next day. Tam chose her own name thank you very much on the way home.

Next is Warlock who Is a wonderful guy and I guess is technically my sister's cat but Robbie had to let him live with us because their neighbor has two cat eating dogs. Also he likes having other cats around him and is fairly old so he shouldn't have to put up with their crap. Warlock is also a champion head butter, sounds funny but it feels just like a hug and makes you all warm and snuggly.

Our next contender in the cat is right is Boo or Drambui which is his formal and are you in big trouble bud name. He is the house greeter and feels that if you are coming in the house it is to pet him. Also he walks ahead of everyone to check and make sure that you all have an equal opportunity to trip over the cat as well.  He is a loving cat and will climb up on my lap and lounge (yes kids that is how you use it in a sentence) off of one of my thighs when I have one bent and the other tucked under. Also yes Boo and Warlock are both black cats (I so spit on superstitions - Black cats rock) but Warlock has gold eyes and Boo has green. If you look you will notice that the ear and eye expressions are total different. Those of you with cats will under stand what I am talking about.

Last, but never in the world least, is Muretti and the love bug of the house. He is really fragile these days, getting old does that to ya. He loves anything that comes out of the kitchen but is really loving Cake flavored ice cream right now...go figure.

Well, welcome to my furry family and the lights of my life, ya know next to the three nieces and one neffy. The cats make more sense..Grins...see ya later.

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( Jul. 9th, 2008 07:07 pm)
OK heres the story such as it is, I'm sitting at my 'puter and next thing I know Torrie (our calico 2 ton of fun baby kitty) is batting at my hip. Now I have just in the last month retired my old computer chair for a larger and more put together model. The old chair had a flat arm on it that she really liked getting up on and draping herself dramatically on, hey guys she is a cat after all,  and purring out the window. The new chair has curved arms that are not cat friendly, I checked that the chair is niece friendly we both can fit but it isn't friendly to my little meow of the south.   The problem I found wasn't that it was just Torrie it was all the kitten cats at once. You have to understand my roomie and I don't just have the one cat...we have five. There is our two old men with Warlock (black short hair) at 15 and  Muretti (grey striped tabby with white bib and socks) @ 17 years old, Drambui or  Boo for short *yes the cat is black and found us in October* at 13 years old, my little girl Tamarisk (solid mist grey long hair)  at 11 years old and Torrie (predominently white with black and orange and tan spotted calico) the two tons of fun at 8 ot 9 years.  Now imagine children that you are working at your 'puter diligently reading your fan fic *Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis rules!!* ahem and all of the sudden you are accosted by all the cats in the house acting funny and the air smelling odd.  Now the room mate has just finished cooking her dinner in the oven and has gone into the living room to eat.  I walked into the kitchen thinking that we have killed another kitchen spoon or other utensil *don't laugh I do it regularly* and find that the catnip that she has been drying from the plant she is growing on the back porch has been put back in the oven but the oven is still ON!! This explains everything...the cats are on dope kitty style. Boo is rolling on the dining room table with his eyes going in the opposite direction of his body, Warlock is standing in front of the oven trying to make me GIVE HIM NIP!!! Torrie running up and down the steps and meowing the whole time, Muretti is meowing period *seriously people he is seriously high to even speak* and Tamarisk was bashing anyone who got in front of her. This was the absolutely most hilarious thing I have ever seen!! They are fine now, I gave them some fresh nip from the porch *munchies* and they are all for the most part normal but are sleeping it off.


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