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( Feb. 26th, 2013 08:16 pm)
Well have the youngest niece over for the night, school was cancelled because of the ice storm and I came home early. I didn't want to be stuck in Cumberland because of no way to get home. There is a 5 degree difference in what Cumberland gets and what it is where I live and a lot of times that makes all the difference in weather matters.
Tessa *the niece* is in home ec and is cooking so she made Chili with Grandma Mary and she and I made red velvet cake. Not my favorite but everyone else in the house enjoyed it so I will make brownies tomorrow and be happy. Nothing earth shattering has happened lately *Thank God!!!* We are preparing to have the two oldest niece stay until the end of the year to finish in their home school and the rest of the family is moving. This should be interesting with two teens and my patience and the roommates paranoia it should be amusing.


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