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( Dec. 14th, 2012 07:18 pm)
I am horrified, angry and grieving for those poor babies, yes I mean babies. My heart goes out to Sandy Hook and I ask God to hold them and comfort them in their grief and rage and shock. We as a people cannot image someone walking into an elementary school and doing this because it is suppost to be a safe place...and yet it happened. To the media and the politicians and the people who feel that gun control is the isn't, the issue is that anyone can walk into our schools and SHOOT OUR CHILDREN!!!! This isn't about how many gun laws can be passed or how we can stop mentally ill people from getting guns. Unless they have a big M on their forehead or confess: "By the way I'm having Mommy or Daddy issues and want to kill people." this isn't going to ever happen. I go to work with 2 locked doors between me and the world with someone who guards it everyday. Why don't we have something like this for our most precious gifts...THINK ABOUT IT!! I want to scream at these people who are talking about gun control, this is about security for our children and our future. This is the time to come together and help these poor people who have lost their whole world, please we need to stop this and THINK not REACT!
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( Aug. 30th, 2010 06:40 pm)
Our oldest kitty Murietti has passed over the Rainbow this just really hurts. He was really not well and was skinny and hurting and at 19 years old is allowed to get away with as much as he wants. Now he's gone and I really miss him a lot...he was the last cat to know my mom and now hes up with her.

I wish I had been there to say goodbye but I was at work...

Bye Bye Muretti tell the others we said we miss you all and will see you someday.


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