There is nothing quite like having the smoke alarm at the top of the stairs go off because it was bumped by the cat. How did this happen you asked, well let me tell you. I have stacked the alarms at the top of the stairs until we have time to put them up on the walls...well I think you can see what happened.

I have never seen my mainecoon Beau (short for Beauregard) run quite so fast in a long time. What was even better was they are under an open window, I think the neighbors know something happened between the screech of the alarm and the screech of the Seliki trying to turn the Damn Thing OFF!!!!
seliki: (clue)
( Oct. 12th, 2011 02:47 pm)

This my darlings is Spike or Spikey depending on his and my mood. He is a rescue cat, our neighbor up the street died and he was her's. She had a heart attack and he was trying to wake her up when EMS broke through the door, he was startled to say the least and ran out of the house. He was caught by one of the granddaughters and brought to us when they decided to put him down. We offered to keep him until we could find a new home for him. He has to live in the mother-in-law apartment on the back of the house because he has Feline Infectious Leukemia either from before he came into his last home or from being infected between his old home and ours. He is very happy and has a low MEOW...he kinda reminds me of how Lincoln would sound, very low and formal. He loves to have his belly rubbed but you have to be careful about that because he still has the Ginsu knives attached to his front paws.

This is Beau or Beauregard when he has done something that is bad. He is a 9 year old Maine Coone and is so naughty. He is very dominant and doesn't get along with Tam or Torry because he wants to be boss and neither of the girls will put up with his crap. He is so big 19+ pounds and sees Tam as prey and she runs from him. He stays upstairs in my room and has time down in the rest of the house when the girls are in my roomie's room. He is very curious and loves to nose around and get into stuff that he isn't suppost to. He gets me up in the morning by sticking his whiskers up my nose!!
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( Apr. 11th, 2011 07:18 pm)
Bye Bye Boo Boo I love you and will miss you so much, but you aren't hurting anymore. I know you were saying goodbye when you crawled into my arms and refused to leave while we were playing with the girls. Your hips hurt and you couldn't clean like you wanted too. I know that you weren't enjoying your food or treat and couldn't even chase Tam anymore. Your job was to greet everyone at the door and protect us from the Beau Monster upstairs and you couldn't. Fly high my Boo Kitty and have fun.

Don't worry about us we will be ok and will take care of the Baby Torry for you. Tell Mom and the gang that we miss them and will see them when we get there. God bless and see you later.

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( Sep. 18th, 2010 03:33 pm)
Well one of my other cats Tam isn't feelin too hot and keeps throwing up...this sucks but I'm pretty sure it's her Thyroid meds and they just need adjusted. This is an awesome Saturday otherwise, I have the house to myself and some cleaning and cookin and baking to do. Luv Saturdays, everyone have a great one.
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( Aug. 30th, 2010 06:40 pm)
Our oldest kitty Murietti has passed over the Rainbow this just really hurts. He was really not well and was skinny and hurting and at 19 years old is allowed to get away with as much as he wants. Now he's gone and I really miss him a lot...he was the last cat to know my mom and now hes up with her.

I wish I had been there to say goodbye but I was at work...

Bye Bye Muretti tell the others we said we miss you all and will see you someday.
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( Jul. 9th, 2008 07:07 pm)
OK heres the story such as it is, I'm sitting at my 'puter and next thing I know Torrie (our calico 2 ton of fun baby kitty) is batting at my hip. Now I have just in the last month retired my old computer chair for a larger and more put together model. The old chair had a flat arm on it that she really liked getting up on and draping herself dramatically on, hey guys she is a cat after all,  and purring out the window. The new chair has curved arms that are not cat friendly, I checked that the chair is niece friendly we both can fit but it isn't friendly to my little meow of the south.   The problem I found wasn't that it was just Torrie it was all the kitten cats at once. You have to understand my roomie and I don't just have the one cat...we have five. There is our two old men with Warlock (black short hair) at 15 and  Muretti (grey striped tabby with white bib and socks) @ 17 years old, Drambui or  Boo for short *yes the cat is black and found us in October* at 13 years old, my little girl Tamarisk (solid mist grey long hair)  at 11 years old and Torrie (predominently white with black and orange and tan spotted calico) the two tons of fun at 8 ot 9 years.  Now imagine children that you are working at your 'puter diligently reading your fan fic *Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis rules!!* ahem and all of the sudden you are accosted by all the cats in the house acting funny and the air smelling odd.  Now the room mate has just finished cooking her dinner in the oven and has gone into the living room to eat.  I walked into the kitchen thinking that we have killed another kitchen spoon or other utensil *don't laugh I do it regularly* and find that the catnip that she has been drying from the plant she is growing on the back porch has been put back in the oven but the oven is still ON!! This explains everything...the cats are on dope kitty style. Boo is rolling on the dining room table with his eyes going in the opposite direction of his body, Warlock is standing in front of the oven trying to make me GIVE HIM NIP!!! Torrie running up and down the steps and meowing the whole time, Muretti is meowing period *seriously people he is seriously high to even speak* and Tamarisk was bashing anyone who got in front of her. This was the absolutely most hilarious thing I have ever seen!! They are fine now, I gave them some fresh nip from the porch *munchies* and they are all for the most part normal but are sleeping it off.


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