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([personal profile] seliki Jul. 12th, 2012 09:00 pm)
Well I started out in one dept at work and as usual ended up in another doing something completely different from what I was doing. This is interesting and they have a lot of work to do and it is consistent...WOO HOO!!! No lay offs from here baby I love it.

I'm going to a nurse practitioner tomorrow for the first time in about 5 years...a little daunting but I promised that I would go. I need some stuff looked at and I have to be here for the girls, I can't let this shit go because I hate doctors and the medical trade in all. Sorry if any docs or nurses or so forth out there reading I mean no offense.

I have just had a horrible experiences with the medical profession and really would like someone who didn't treat me like a moron or brush everything I say or ask to one side. The last doc I went to was rude and condescending...I don't care what my roomie said he was shit! I told him what I was asking about and he poo pooed me...really asshole that was just so uncalled for. I am now trying this again...sigh I hate it and if it weren't for the girls they could all go to hell in a hand basket and I would take my chances but I can't`.

I just want to go in and get it over with and go back to work...I know that it probably won't be that easy I have several issues that the family and *quietly to myself* I am worried about. I have a swollen right leg from the knee down, the left is not that bad and I'm pretty sure I have a hernia around my diaphragm. The muscle under your lungs for the perverts out there not down in my genitalia...gits...anyhoo and a few other things that need checked. I see needles in my future...damn it!!! I am needle phobic and I hate to pee in a cup it is always such a mess. Well we'll see what she has to say and I will update as it happens, back to my regularly scheduled life, such as it is. Robbie you so owe me big time for this...Love you and miss you.


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