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([personal profile] seliki Sep. 28th, 2011 12:44 am)
Well I have given it time to simmer and not boil any longer and can say with a clear mind and heart that I loved my job and most of the people I worked for. The management on the other hand I wouldn't waste the time it took to dump the bucket if they were burnin'. I'm tellin' ya kids I hate them with a fiery passion of a thousand suns...Red Giants and all.

I was ganged up on and ambushed and fired with no way to dispute or argue or give my side of the story. I have had my say with UIB and am awaiting the results while looking for another job. I had 6 years with them and they did this for something I didn't even do...I was so disappointed and upset with my boss because not only did they do this but they questioned my integrity as a person. I have never lied to my boss, if I did something wrong I took my lumps and moved on. What was done was underhanded and wrong but truth be told I was waiting for them to look for an excuse to get rid of me which is sad. I look on this as a learning experience to move forward with...maybe to find something better I hope.
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