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( Oct. 12th, 2011 02:47 pm)

This my darlings is Spike or Spikey depending on his and my mood. He is a rescue cat, our neighbor up the street died and he was her's. She had a heart attack and he was trying to wake her up when EMS broke through the door, he was startled to say the least and ran out of the house. He was caught by one of the granddaughters and brought to us when they decided to put him down. We offered to keep him until we could find a new home for him. He has to live in the mother-in-law apartment on the back of the house because he has Feline Infectious Leukemia either from before he came into his last home or from being infected between his old home and ours. He is very happy and has a low MEOW...he kinda reminds me of how Lincoln would sound, very low and formal. He loves to have his belly rubbed but you have to be careful about that because he still has the Ginsu knives attached to his front paws.

This is Beau or Beauregard when he has done something that is bad. He is a 9 year old Maine Coone and is so naughty. He is very dominant and doesn't get along with Tam or Torry because he wants to be boss and neither of the girls will put up with his crap. He is so big 19+ pounds and sees Tam as prey and she runs from him. He stays upstairs in my room and has time down in the rest of the house when the girls are in my roomie's room. He is very curious and loves to nose around and get into stuff that he isn't suppost to. He gets me up in the morning by sticking his whiskers up my nose!!


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